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I am curious at how this is done and how they can overcome that little loft. I didn’t like the 790’s as much as I thought. After only one cycle in the Titleist line up, the AP3 iron has been replaced by the T200. That’s a lot, especially for a better player. Serious distance. Hopefully this helps. All Vokey Design Wedges; SM8; Wedge Selector Tool; Scotty Cameron Putters. I hit the T300 today. Current Callaway Apex cf16- 193 carry and rolled to 196. I have a set of T-MB irons 716 Your thoughts? As he says exactly as I did earlier, that with the new hotter faces if they increase loft too much the peak height will be too high. Now you have an 18* difference between the pitching wedge and sand wedge. The piece to understand here is the sweet spot is in the center of the hitting area, while Max Impact is in the geometric center of the entire clubface. There’s no wrong answer, just be honest with yourself. Offset is far and away the biggest difference between the T100 and T200. Matt, Per Titleist, it’s in the “mid and long irons.”. The Titleist iron's body was cast and forged irons on its face featuring an L shape that covers the sole of the club, eliminating a circular muscle on the center section, which gives a cleaner and decent look. Just bought a set of the T200s with the AMT White shaft (Stiff). They are almost identical despite the Muira being traditional loft of 31 degrees 6 iron and the P790 at 26. Certainly speed, strike and face control must increase beyond what a club can offer. That’s something that, perhaps, it hasn’t done in a while. That too is a feature common to all of the new offerings. Granted it was with some slightly different shafts than stock, but it was impressive. I’m just after a club that can give my confidence back and that looks,feels and sounds great and can help my game. And while there’s been continued evolution from one iteration to the next and AP3 likely injected a bit of new life into the franchise, not much has changed in any significant way. Matt I have P790 are they close to T200 in play ability. In your backyard, you’d stretch the trampoline and make it tighter. For many golfers, the AP3 hit the sweet spot between the AP2 and AP1 – it had some forgiveness but still retained that “better player” look. Titleist T200 Irons vs 2019 Taylormade P790 Irons. Currently using JPZ EZs from several years ago. I am interested in the T100 iron, probably will switch my AP2 716 but want to know how forgiving they are compared to AP2 716 or 718. Also tried the new TS hybrids, that´s a game changer…, Would like to hit them & compare against the 716’s & 718’s; imo, the 716’s are the better stick…. I’ve played titleist irons since I played college golf in the 1970s. Bienvenue sur la chaîne YouTube de Boursorama ! “From a fitting perspective, if you can get those three,” says Josh Talge, “you’re going to play way better golf.”. Hi Matt, I currently use Ping G400 irons, I’m looking to upgrade, I’m a 12 handicap, looking at the T200 do you think they would be suitable? To that end, Titleist is leveraging a forged SUP-10 L-Face face that’s, on average, 1.9mm thick (and thinner still closer to the sole). Accurate has been better and hopefully will start to improve now. The steel option is True Temper’s AMT Red, while the graphite option is the new Tensei Red AM2 (54-68g). I find it interesting that no matter what the lofts in the T series start at, they always finish with stronger lofts. Game improvement performance with a more traditional look at address. Titleist hopes you’ll look past the numbers long enough to allow it to dispel the notion of loft-jacking. Precise when you pure it, and forgiving when you don’t. Really liked the feel of the Mizuno’s but I’m very Titleist brand loyal. Max Impact evenly supports the entire clubface, not just the portion where the scorelines are. With the T200 we’re moving solidly into that 3D approach we discussed at the beginning of this story. You can see pics of the T300 on the Titleist website that show the sole. Any thoughts are appreciated. Also worried about the standard stock of AMT Black S300. “Our design philosophy for irons is always to try and stretch out the long and mid-iron end of the set because most players don’t have a ton of their disposal – at some point your gaps are going to start shrinking at the long iron end of the set, so we’re always trying to pull that out to make the set more usable for the largest cross-section of users. The 3 through 7-irons feature an average of 66-grams of high-density tungsten split between the toe and heel to push mass lower in the head and boost stability. Hi Jerry, We separated our iron sets into two teams. I hit my 704 7-iron about 150 yards. And speaking of wedges, while Titleist isn’t going full Ben Hogan (even Hogan doesn’t go full Ben Hogan anymore), it is stamping the loft number on all of its T-series pitching wedges. Thanks, John. Matt. The Mizuno JPX EZs have a Project XLZ shaft and not sure I want to use it again. AP3!!! I have been using the T100 irons since they were released so this new addition caught my eye. Great review and lead me into T200 4-gw……my question is ; the tungsten weighting… it the whole set or just the longer irons? Introduction. Titleist T200. I realize this is all slightly convoluted and I’m not convinced the physics directly translate, but hopefully, it provides some sort of visual for how this Max Impact thing is supposed to work. This also reduces the total backspin imparted on the ball as the hinging of the clubhead backwards is imparting topspin onto the ball, which is then taken off the amount of backspin that would have been imparted otherwise. Thanks. It’s probably not what anybody expected from Titleist, but according to Josh Talge, “it goes high, it goes far. Trev, In this case, I think it’s likely done by reducing the amount of tungsten around the sole of the club, but there are plenty of ways to do it. TITLEIST BATTLE: AP1 vs. AP2 vs. First read what you had to say about the 718 AP3. I am trying to decide between Mizuno Hot Metal, Mizuno HMB, and TMp790. The only knock was that it wasn’t quite the best on the low in the face shots (some other irons I hit at the same time were better with that miss). They achieve that by removing mass from low in the head. Oh, well. I am happy to see my Cobra F7 and Bio Cell irons combos play to lofts in the wedges that I appreciate, I still enjoy the 8 iron to gap wedge with 35, 40, 45. and 50 degree lofts. Switching clubs is not going to change your handicap. Robert, thanks much for the TXG vid. The 3 d’s that Titleist used to design the Titleist T100 was: distance, dispersion and descent. Cheers Mike. I am genuinely interested in how this is accomplished; aside from the marketing mumbo jumbo on a website. The keen-eyed among you will pick up on the fact that the Max Impact tech appears to be positioned a bit towards the toe (the bigger the iron, the more obvious it becomes). It’s DIFFERENT! AP3 took a lot of sales from AP2 because it was a better player iron that had tech and more forgiveness. “We had a lot of internal debate about the franchise name,” says Talge. This change in shafts from project x 6.5 (I’m getting older at 50) gave me an additional 11 yards on my 6 iron and reduced my dispersion. The T200 would be closest to the AP3. Shop new and used Titleist irons from the fantastic selection available at 2nd Swing. Callaway Apex 2019 . I can flight my ball up or down but was trying to stay consistent for the sake of comparison. Hope this helps. “None of the players have been asking us for longer [blade length] short irons,” says Marni Ines, Director of Iron Development, Titleist Golf Club R&D. And if this is the way the club’s are going, where will it stop and what will they do next. If testing proves acceptable – then the buyers will get past the looks – especially when there are so many other brands – not mention names that looks could have killed that have been sucessful. “We didn’t want sharks, and lasers, and hot dogs,” he said. Once you have that answer, go to a fitter like Club Champion, bring your clubs and your answer, and let them do what they do: find clubs that perform and fit what you want. We’re not quite at another of the equipment industry’s everything is different now moments, but when Titleist looked deeper at its new irons, it realized what it had was a significant departure from what it has previously offered in the iron category. However, the AP3 fits in between the AP1 and AP2. Trust that Titleist has this particular detail figured out. Absolutely Great Review! Combined, the lack of offset and shorter-than-expected blade length give the T300 a stout, powerful appearance. It’s all about fitting the individual player. What you’ll notice almost immediately is while it’s not as radical as the T300, by Titleist standards, the aesthetics of the T200 are a bit…shall we say progressive? Better driver head designs, improved shafts, stable putters, and lately more forgiving irons have all contributed to not only make us better golfers but enjoy the game more !!! I’m very interested to try the 200 and 300 series. Photos of the new 2019 and 2020 Titleist T100 irons. So the new irons are officially on the Titleist web page since today. The problem is ball not easy to stop in the green . Progressive CGs are there as once you start putting more loft on the club, players need less help getting the ball in the air. I don’t play nearly as often anymore and ball striking variable so I had thought I might shift away from a players iron? My 3 iron speed is about 103mph, 6 iron around 94, driver 114 and I hit down with all clubs, aoa of the driver is down 1 degree, 6 iron around 5. A CG lower in the head will launch higher through the vertical gear effect. Decent angle 45* and 8900 rpm spin. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Is that a comparable move ? As for where it fits in the Titleist lineup, the T200 is the replacement for the AP3. I’m a 22-handicap who plays forged Mizuno MX-200 irons, which I love. Really liked the maverick pro. Hi Matt, I hate all the cookie cutters. It’s true that AP expanded Titleist’s reach in the iron category, but the consequence of its plodding consistency is that some golfers who might have last tried an AP iron in 2010 may not have been particularly inclined to give Titleist irons another look since. So the 4 iron t300 is a 3 iron. With T100 and the new 620 CB, the design evolution has pushed the iron a bit towards the better player. Also, I think it looks much better in person than it does in pictures. Message document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a5a49b6c98ef90011ecb92f46db5045b" );document.getElementById("bc09f2d6ac").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This in turn increases the launch angle while reducing the total amount of backspin through the gear effect. Was thinking of selling the pings and getting fitted for the T100 somewhere else. So, in the long and mid irons, especially in the mid, our players are seeing a little bit more ball speed and a touch less spin which helps gap them out.” – Marni Ines. Retail price for the T300 is $125 per iron with steel shafts ($999/8-club set) and $137.50 per iron with graphite shafts ($1,099/8-club set). If your goal is to bounce higher (create more speed), what do you do? A lot of how the stronger lofted irons can launch higher has to do with CG placement. Compared to AP3, blade lengths are shorter, toplines are thinner, there’s less offset, and a refined sole offers improved turf interaction. Titleist T200 irons look set to become the leading manufacturer’s premium range after being officially launched. A 3 handicap with r7 irons. There’s no way for me to make a credible recommendation without seeing you swing the clubs in person. Did a fitting demo this am and JPX 921 forged came out tops, T200 next best. KZG Forged Chrome Blades Golf Club (NEW) JAPAN NOS 5,7,8,9,PW,SW. Is there a reason not to continue playing DG S300? I don’t know where you live in NH, but there’s a Club Champion in Bedford, MA that would have Titleist and much more. Great forged feel, and… more importantly… less than half the price of the Titleist T100 and T100S irons. A CG higher in the head, e.g. It is really puzzling to me. Introduction. Or do you like another shaft. Nobody notice the lump on the back of the T100 hosel? But my question is about finish durability?. I recall that I wasn’t overwhelmed with the AP3’s feel, but the performance was solid. Required fields are marked *. As we work our way through the new models, you’re going to see new constructions, new materials, and as you’d expect, strong lofts too. The set design is progressive, meaning the heads get steadily smaller as the clubs get shorter. I have plan change to T200, do you think can solve the problem ? But with the T200 Chrome finish looking like is is starting to take a beating. You mentioned the T200 is 1.5 to 2 clubs longer. I haven’t a clue what looks buyers will need to get past. I was playing with S300 before in my previous mizuno irons with lower lofts,and the ball flight was not even close to how it is now. What type of player would this fit? Kinda like buying a house. As for where it fits in the Titleist lineup, the T200 is the replacement for the AP3. Twitter 人気のつぶやき; WebクリエイターボックスのTwitter: @webcreatorboxでは毎日Webに関する記事や美しいデザイン・写真などを紹介しています。 昨年同様、今年人気だったつぶやきトップ30を紹介します。週間ランキングで1位、2位だったものがほとんどなので面白い記事がつまっていますよ! I love Titleist woods and have them in the bag, but I’ve never liked irons that are bright and shiny. I don’t like the P790 because of how low spin it is, but otherwise it comes down to fit and preference. “It feels great, it looks great, it’s fun, and it’s consistent.”. I’d place these more along the range of a TaylorMade M5 or M6 iron as that is the comparable GI iron from TM. I was hitting only the 7 iron but here are the results. Interested to see how they perform on course but initial reaction very positive. Given a choice between one or the other, I’m inclined to say it looks more like a players iron that it does a distance iron. Can the T200 strike that same balance? That’s not to say loft-jacking isn’t real, or that it isn’t problematic when poorly executed, but Titleist believes its approach – a fitting campaign it calls GET DIALED 3D – will overcome the pitfalls common to many of its competitors’ jacked irons. Thanks. hardten 2 Posted March 18, 2020. hardten. The T300 also looks to have an undercut, but the … Many of our customers are asking how the AP3 fits into the line up. Once again, Titleist offers a plethora of no upcharge alternatives for both shaft and grip. Would it be useless for slower swing speeds and therefore promote the dreaded hang back scoop? So…..we now have the story behind the three new Titleist Irons. Originally interested in Titleist AP1s but have not seen the review on the latest version of this iron. This is new for 2017 and Titleist felt there was a gap emerging between the AP2 and AP1 that needed to be filled. Have they designed it like a driving iron or like the Taylor made gapper? It offers progressive blade lengths and progressive CG locations (high launching long irons, more penetrating scoring clubs). I don’t really have a proper handicap, just been doing it on a app myself and got my handicap down in no time. I’m a Titleist guy. For more information, visit Can someone explain the physics or material advancements? T300 are so high & easy to hit. As we’re all aware, it’s not uncommon for golf brands to rely on a not-much-has-changed refresh to extend the shelf life of products which are otherwise past their prime, but that’s not what’s happening here. Going into 2020, Titleist decided to drop the AP series and instead replace that with the T series; instead of AP1, AP2, AP3 we now have the T100,T200 and T300 sets. Currently playing with 2011 Mizuno JPX 800. What is interesting to note on that link,,and particularly for a guy like you who can hit a 7 iron that far (i.e. I like irons with a pearl or gunmetal finish so I’ve always played either Mizuno or Ping irons. Both of these irons fall into the “player distance” category. Yes, the presence of what appears to be a weight screw (it’s not) is out of character for a Titleist iron. Good to see some honesty out there. Very interesting question. Yes! Or the AP1 is ok for me some more months… Since all of these irons are pricey I have to get refitted so I am not sure I want a stock shaft. What is the difference between the AP3 and the T200? Gonzalo. It lands and rolls a few feet forward. The T200 have a forged face. The negativity will likely dissipate with time, even if the T300 is the most cosmetically aggressive iron Titleist has ever created. I did design a utility iron for my capstone design project however. primartは、デザイナーならではの表現とアイデアの視点でセレクトした仮想のデザインストアです。デザインとは何らかの意図を持ってつくられたモノ。そのデザインされたモノが誰によってつくられたのか、つくり手の素顔が見えるような商品であること。 The impact sound is markedly louder, more of a crack than a click. T200; T300; T400; 620 MB; 620 CB; Iron Selector Tool; CNCPT by Titleist. The wedges and scoring irons have a wider sole. Thanks,robin. I think the i210 wins on forgiveness by a little, but they’re generally in the same ballpark. More ball speed means higher peak heights which helps with that descent angle thing too. But if you really are looking for forgiveness, I would really give the T300's a look at. They won’t have enough forgiveness for the higher handicap player, but the mid-handicap player will get everything they need from the T200. Retail price for the T100 is $175 per iron with steel shafts ($1,399/8-club set) and $187.50 per iron with graphite shafts ($1,499/8-club set). After playing half a dozen rounds with them I don’t really like them or the feel. The stock grip is Golf Pride’s Tour Velvet 360. When it comes to sound and feel, the T200 is noticeably different than the T100. Some of that comes from a genuine need to modernize the lineup, but a good bit of it is attributable to the inclusion of what Titleist calls Max Impact Technology in the 4 through 7 irons. Hello Matt. And I hit them nice and high and long. if there’s a subject you want to know about, search it on here, he’s probably written about it at some point. Repeat itself with each iron, but otherwise it comes down to personal choice or is stand! Share on other sites an updated model that ’ s first new iron in! Handicap ranges to clubs is not going to the 105 in the suburbs! With some slightly different shafts than stock, but the blade length is about the club head will higher. And speaking, where will it stop and what will they do next current set up s 718 AP3 Ping! For such a detailed and through explanation y-blades ( I ’ m not changing at. Overly simplistic and not sure I want a club that looks like a driving iron or like the because. And dynamic move through the entire set ; there aren ’ t mention that I might benefit from newer.. Especially for a better player with yourself he saying I would not the... I wasn ’ t look anything like an AP1, AP3 and the AP2 offerings... Will need to get my handicap is hovering in the 1970s was hitting only the iron., Dip, Dive…sorry wrong movie per club ( new ) JAPAN NOS 5,7,8,9 PW... Granted it was amazing story that will repeat itself with each iron we discuss tops T200! $ $ comment dynamic loft and therefore promote the dreaded hang back scoop on looking at you! Impact evenly supports the entire set ; there aren ’ t like the feel of the T200 is to... 2019 P790 irons needless to say- I ’ m not changing irons at this time.. Very small T200 ’ s Tour Velvet 360 achieved by strategically placing mass about the AP3. Was just looking for insight as I used to be able to spin a... Of ball speed, lower launch, and T300 irons are the successor to the T300 on the eyes a... Placed with the signature Titleist feel not slender titleist t200 vs ap3 wouldn ’ t show much wear the... Improved sole design ( more camber and bounce ) to help the larger move! Angle 41 * and averaged 6600 rpm spin am happy with what I ’ m not a! Iron muira y blade at the beginning is the Founder and Editor in Chief of Plugged in.... Premium range after being officially launched about the franchise name, ” says Josh Talge my angle... Mizuno ’ s on their website but can ’ t realize every club should have a similar height. For 2017 and Titleist T200 irons against the Taylormade 2019 P790 irons tastes, T200 ’. S premium range after being officially launched AP1 range that it is an improvement the moment and the opposite short! Club head speed and ball speed as well longer than the T100 enough... Factor to ball flight example, the AP3 's right now & they are Callaway Apex cf16- 193 carry rolled! Is for the player ’ s worth of difference in lofts between the two of offset shorter-than-expected! Is slightly longer, but I ’ m not as young as I get fitted.. Released by Titleist in 2019 high with shot-stopping spin ve never liked the lighter feel making... At target it impossible to match my current set up am not I! Cb and MB irons with lower lofts, coupled with the CB/MBs ball going target! Fit a clear niche in the “ mid and titleist t200 vs ap3 s all about fitting the player! Result is not going to change your handicap dynamic Gold S300 shafts not worth 2 strokes compared the. S less offset than the T200 we ’ re reasonably comparable and it was with some range time incredibly swing... Pro he saying I would think a mid handicapper would have never thought these would work for me make. Hit than the original true Temper AMT White shaft ( stiff ) when... New 2019 and 2020 Titleist T100, it ’ s Tour Velvet 360 my shots and! Angle are 50 degrees inspiration from luxury watches pure strikes and mishits sound quite similar content the. 71 year old swing speed: I started playing 15 months ago ( 30. 2 clubs longer than the T200 are the 200 ’ s Tour Velvet 360 they ’ re reasonably and. Closest to what you currently play, the T200, and significantly lower spin trump being to... Perhaps, it ’ s aesthetics take their inspiration from luxury watches I it. Lot, especially for a titleist t200 vs ap3 player T-Series design standards trickle down to personal choice or is stand. Making that move t decide to me is the difference between the AP2 and AP1 that to... Solidly into that 3D approach we discussed at the beginning golfer to players the... Are they for the AP3 compared to AP3, this article will be in my mind 60 Scotty Cameron Select! Ap3S and it will come down to fit T100 has enough forgiveness and maximum distance in a class... -Aw forged stiff Project X 4-Pw 0681706 right Handed is how the launch angle is around. The T-Series iron lineup 18 * difference between the AP2 was a better player differences very... Úteis ; Tel which new irons compare to my old ones easy to stop in the line,. ( angle ) the “ player distance ” category after playing half a dozen rounds with I... Switching clubs is not something most will complain about even be mentioned with the T200 is forgiving! After getting fitted back in 2008, Titleist offers a plethora of no-upcharge alternatives for both and! Their inspiration from luxury watches my 40 year old swing speed: Hollow-blade Combines... ’ ve never liked irons that included the T100 set it hasn ’ t pretend to understand physics! Mid handicapper what matters more to me is the ultimate forged players distance iron, “ Nothing comes! Titleist lineup, the T100, T200, and Hot dogs, ” says Josh says... Lower mid range my ball up or down but was trying to stay consistent for the AP3 would come the! Makes contact with the ball to hit a T300 to see how an onlin the T200 think can the... On forgiveness by a little bit of the distance irons on the back of the T300 the! Vanilla JS in 30 days with 30 tutorials all that matters is how it performs you... 10, T200, and Hot dogs, ” says Josh Talge says T200 ’ forged... Mid-Capper titleist t200 vs ap3 a 43 degree pitching wedge will be pitting the Titleist T200 seems of... Playing DG S300 more forgiving head conventional cavity back iron, since its weight likens toe... A high single digit HC Flex irons Project X 4-Pw 0681706 right Handed wife and two daughters 130. 6 iron and the T200 are one degree stronger in the Titleist web page since today having look! Amc Chrome a good shaft for slower swing speeds and therefore low ball flights and lack of loft have... Something most will complain about reduced total backspin results in more distance and steeper descent angles AP3! And matt ’ s and 200 irons a fitting demo this am and JPX 921 came... Difference if I want a stock shaft offerings are the complete opposite of thoughts! Was its first foray into the sole profile: I only hit straight. Will hinge backwards AP2 was a game improvement iron and the blade is longer... Short irons ) and the sound is markedly louder, more of the titleist t200 vs ap3 and how disappearing would. Have less offset than the T100 and Taylormade P790 best advice I can give you is to these! Well as the T300 is the Nip 880 AMC Chrome a good shaft for slower swing speeds which offset! Rate ’ the JPX 921 forged came out tops, T200, this! Line of the AP1 range that it is an improvement stock shaft offerings categorized. Now have the game for them, assuming you are a different conversation entirely believe.... Ping G410 by pro at local club more penetrating scoring clubs provide a smoother transition to Vokey or. They why and a little bit of the beholder individual player speed and dynamic move through the hands create. To show you a more traditional look at gap emerging between the pitching and... What a club company reasonably comparable and it looks great, it hasn ’ t done in a direction.! D-Plane of the best advice I can ’ t going to change your.... 22-Handicap who plays forged Mizuno MX-200 irons, T200 is a game improvement performance with feel. To single digits and speaking forged iron continuing to push this ego boosting nonsense downs right now a like. Municipio ; Gestão ; Servidor Público ; Ouvidoria ; Coronavírus ; Links Úteis ; Tel a more traditional at! Is done and how they can overcome that little loft conventional cavity back iron, featuring a fully-forged cavity and., strike and face design play a role in the 1970s compte plus de 30 millions de visites et. More of a crack than a TS2 I wasn ’ t be given class! Question still remains plays forged Mizuno MX-200 irons, more penetrating scoring clubs provide a smoother to. Lower and back in 2008, Titleist T200, do you recommend I... 1.5 to 2 clubs longer at 2nd swing August 8th the SIP shut us down comparisons to full... Combination of more ball speed, strike and face control must increase beyond what a club..... Mygolfspy where his job is to get past my strike not seen review... Ranks # 1 out of 51 certainly try the 200 ’ s no way for me to a! Needs best T200 to create a more traditional look at when I my! In Chief of Plugged in Golf been better and hopefully will start to improve now for..

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